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Professional Athletes Who Became Entrepreneurs

#LAVIPAgent to talk about some famous athletes who turned into some tremendous businessmen and businesswomen after their careers (some during!). As you know I played professional basketball overseas in my hayday but now I spend my full time devoted to my other passion, Luxury Real Estate. I think a little known fact is how business savvy some of these legendary players are. Often professional athletes are earning a lot of money and building wealth during their careers so it is only natural they invest it in business after. So without further ado, here are some great stories of athletes turned entrepreneur!

Michael Jordan

Michael Suit

Arguably the best basketball player known to the game, Michael Jordan changed the way basketball is viewed. He played for the Chicago Bulls and later for the Washington Wizards, totaling more than $90 million in earnings as a player salary.

Venus Williams


This tennis ace couldn’t wait for retirement to start her own company, and the seven-time Grand Slam singles champ now has an equally impressive business résumé as she does an athletic one.

She is the founder and CEO of the clothing line, EleVen, and interior design company, V Starr Interiors. She told Forbes magazine, “I think as an athlete you’re always overcoming all kinds of challenges. That’s the name of sport — it’s a challenge. So definitely applying those lessons of perseverance and learning from mistakes and setting goals has definitely helped me in business.”

Roger Stauback

Roger Staubach
The Hall of Fame quarterback who led the Dallas Cowboys to two Super Bowl victories turned to real estate after retiring his football helmet and pads. He worked for real estate titan Henry Miller Jr. for six years before building his own commercial real estate firm, The Staubach Company. The firm began with five employees, expanded exponentially under Staubach’s leadership, and eventually sold for $613 million in 2008.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk
It’s easy to take for granted the fact Tony Hawk’s name is synonymous with skateboarding, but his ascension to superstardom comes on the back of some terrific business instincts. In 2009 Hawk was the highest-paid action sports athlete on the planet at $12 million, selling his name on everything from shoes to bicycles, clothes, a best selling autobiography and of course, skateboards. His video game series has amassed over a billion dollars since their inception in 1999, and while his peers lived the rockstar lifestyle partying in Southern California, Hawk enjoyed the best of both worlds.

John Elway

Wayne Gretzky
The legendary Denver Broncos quarterback, and two-time Super Bowl champion, made a splash in the world of business after hanging up his blue and orange No. 7 jersey. Since retiring, he has been involved in several business ventures, most notably owning two “Elway’s” steakhouses, five auto dealerships, and an Arena Football League team, the Colorado Crush.

George Foreman

george forman
The boxer made a name for himself in the 1968 Olympic games when he knocked out Jonas Čepulis to secure a gold medal. He started his business career several years before retiring, when he introduced theGeorge Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine in 1994. He went on to launch a variety of products, including environmentally friendly cleaning products and a clothing line.

Maria Sharapova

The five-time Grand Slam champion and current No. 2 player in the world finds time off the tennis court to take on the world of business. She founded the premium candy line, Sugarpova, in 2013, and saw great success in the first year, selling over two million bags of candy.

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky

The hockey legend traded in his career on ice for a career in business. He told the Financial Post, “You can’t just retire at the age 40 years old and play golf every day. I tried it for one year and you quickly find out it’s nice to be active.”

The all-time leading goal scorer in the NHL chose to be active in the business world, and is now involved in several business ventures, including the “Wayne Gretzky’s” restaurant in Toronto, and Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery.

Magic Johnson

Magic johnson

One of the most popular and talented basketball players in NBA history, Earvin “Magic” Johnson is the consummate entrepreneur. After retiring from professional basketball following 13 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, Johnson quickly began building a business empire all his own, founding Magic Johnson Enterprises. His eponymous company is now a conglomerate, with a varied portfolio of business holdings, including movie theaters and restaurant chains. MJE also focuses on uplifting the neighborhoods in which it enters, offering programs and services aimed at empowering the local residents who live and work there.

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