Sold Listings

  • 1812 Santa Fe Avenue, Del Mar | $1,800,000
  • 17137 Ralphs Ranch San Diego
  • 11024 Corte Mar De Delfinas San Diego
  • 2267 Johnston Rd, Escondido | $739,000
  • 1917 Corte Belize Chula Vista | $715,000
  • 5461 W Pacifica Drive, La Jolla | $1,300,000
  • 1942 Corte Belize, Chula Vista | $713,000
  • 15061 Almond Orchard LN, San Diego | $1,100,000
  • 2605 Town Garden Road, Carlsbad | $650,000
  • 4617 Bermuda Avenue, San Diego | $630,000
  • 366 Plaza Paraiso, Chula Vista | $590,000
  • 1934 Corte Escena, Chula Vista | $580,000
  • 4411 Donald, San Diego | $541,000

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Reviews From Yelp

  • We listed our house for sale with Rod and it was sold in less than a month! We had a great experience working with Rod during the entire process. Rod is a thorough professional and he understands San Diego real-estate market and the entire home buying/selling process better than many others. There was never a moment when we had to follow up or remind Rod of anything. He was always ready, prompt and prepared to answer our questions. He gave his advice when needed and listened to us and respected our opinions. I would say that he met or exceeded our expectations in every regard! From deciding the list price to ensuring that house is in a great condition to keeping us informed on the potential interests, he followed-up at every instance and kept us informed .He conducted numerous open-houses even after we had offers and continued to make sure that we got the value of our house we desired. We had added complexity of dealing with a relocation company in the middle, however Rod navigated that with ease, keeping us and the relo company informed/ prepared during the entire process. Rod is also very tech-savvy and resourceful. He utilized services of a Helicopter, drones etc. to capture the aerial shots of the house and also enlisted the help of his friend to showcase our house on Fox TV show. He created very elegant and professional marketing materials and marketed to the extent possible in various media including print, web-sites and TV! I am happy to say that we got the value that we deserved for our house in a large part thanks to Rod’s efforts. I would highly recommend Rod’s services for anyone’s real estate needs in San Diego market! He is a pleasure to work with.

    Sameer N.
  • I had the opportunity to meet with Rod at his office and discus real estate needs. He was very honest, direct and I could tell he cared about what he does to help people. His professionalism and energy shines through. I am excited to be working with him and his team!!!

    Justen B.
  • This guy’s the real deal…
    As a home inspector, I have worked with many hundreds of real estate agents over the years. I’ve seen the good, the bad and unfortunately, even the ugly. I met Rod about a year ago while he was marketing one of his clients home’s during an open house and I knew right away that he was definitely better than good…He’s great! After working together during several transactions, I could clearly see that he is very knowledgeable and actually cares about his clients. If you are looking for a Realtor who knows the San Diego market, has the highest integrity and skills to get your home sold, look no further.

    John R.
  • Rod is the real deal. Very knowledgable and personable. I definitely recommend buying your home from this gentleman.

    Eric P.
  • Mr. Watson is a wonderful asset to the Real Estate field. He’s super knowledgeable and should be considered a Real Estate teacher based on his keen intellect. He’s definitely helping me understand the in’s and outs of the business. Thank you for your drive and work ethic and your loyalty to the people you help.

    Alton H.
  • For most people the term Realtor means a person who gets a call, sells a house and pockets the money. However, not too many people that I know of, take their job to the extend Rod Does! Rod will take the extra step for you. He is realistic, sincere, personable and most detailed. Listing your house with Rod and/or buying a house with Rod’s help will create a whole new spin of what you know about real estate agents! Rod’s knowledge of the market is crucial for understanding it and guiding you towards reaching your goals selling or buying a property! I have the pleasure having Rod on my Radio Show as a regular guest experts and he brings to the show fresh prospective of the market and current news. Thank you Rod for being on my Team.

    Eran S.
  • Mr. Watson is an excellent realtor. He bent over backward to help us sell our home. He is very good with answer phone call right away. He listens to our questions and concerns and answers thoroughly so our home selling process was less stressful. We loved that he hired professional photographer and videographer for our listing. That made our house stood out among all other houses on the market. He is friendly and charming. When you hire Mr. Rod Watson you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Rod for your patience and great service.

    Jennie N.
  • Rod Watson is a very professional agent. He cares very much about his clients. He is very knowledgeable about his profession. He goes beyond what is expected in todays real estate market. He is truly a pleasure to know and to work with.

    Gail G.
  • We’ve bought & sold other houses before, and our other realtors were just “eh.” When we needed to short-sell our home, we knew we needed to find someone who is a short-sale specialist, and I’m so glad we found Rod!

    He knows every little nook & cranny of the short sale process, and he kept us as informed as we needed to be the entire time. He dealt with our mortgage bank and kept them off our back, just like he promised he would.

    He did such a great job marketing and planning our listing that we had over 20 offers in the first three days on the market! Our short-sale closed in 2 months — practically unheard-of in a short-sale.

    Another house is for sale two houses down with the exact same floor plan. It was on the market for a few months before we decided to sell our house, so we were worried that our house would take a long time to sell. Rod told us otherwise, and he was right! That house is STILL still sitting there waiting to be sold — the owners of that house need to cancel their contract with their lame realtor & call Rod!

    Carey S.
  • Rod and his team delivered on every aspect. If you want a Realtor that will exceed your expectations, Rod is the one. My wife and I felt we were always given the opportunity to have a voice and opinion. We keep a very busy schedule. Rod was able to work with us without the extra added pressure and stress of deadlines, signed docs, notary, etc. He always had an alternate answer just in case in did not fit in our schedule. Electronic signed docs were a plus, he provided a notary for us on our time, but for us the best part of the experience, aside from the multiple offers we received on our home, Rod was able to find a buyer that would work with our time frame to move out. We have 3 kids in school and did not want to disrupt their schedules. The whole process was as seamless as it could of been. Rod, not only provides a service, but also an experience.

    Thank You Rod and his team!!

    Tore T.
  • Rod is one of the best realtors in the San Diego area. He is friendly, kind, trustworthy, and knows how to make the home buying experience a pleasure.

    He is also knowledgeable when it comes to short sale options. He makes the entire process much less stressful and he’s both professional and reliable. I would highly recommend Rod Watson to any individual looking to buy or sell a home.

    Danny F.
  • My husband and i decided a short sell of our condo was the option we needing to go with in order to sell our home. Rod was our agent and he is very personable and professional. I always felt like he really had our back and was really working as a team with us while we were trying to sell our place by a certain date. He went the extra mile and i was always happy with how he looked ahead to get our ducks in a row to maximize turn around time on paperwork. I would certainly endorse Rod Watson!

    Kalista M.
  • Mr. Watson is amazing! Not only professional, but extremely knowledgeable and up to date with the current real estate market woes. He cares about his clients, and is promptly responsive when contacted. Mr. Watson handles difficult situations calmly, and I believe honestly strives to do whatever is best for his clients. I highly recommend Mr. Watson for any real estate need – whether you’re buying, selling, a foreclosure, or a short sale. And finally, what I found most impressive on a personal level – is it doesn’t seem to make difference to Mr. Watson if a person is wealthy or a pauper. If you need help, call Rod. He won’t let you down!

    Celeste R.
  • Through his knowledge and experience, Rod Watson helped find the perfect home for my family.

    Jon S.
  • Rod was such a blessing to us! He helped us pick out the perfect house for our budget and was very professional. I would strongly recommend contacting him I you want a honest and hard working realtor.

    Tiffany S.
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