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Selling luxury requires experience, innovative marketing techniques in combination with traditional, contemporary thinking, and a distinct skill-set. The Watson Group recognizes how each property is incomparable, therefore, each selling strategy will be formulated independently. Our team has dedicated ourselves to excellence and to providing the best opportunity for our client, we are selfless in this transaction.

The Watson Group has the ability to sell your home traditionally or non-traditionally. We have an option that works with sellers of luxury real estate to offer their properties to qualified buyers in a fair, expeditious and uncomplicated process.

Sotheby’s has partnered with a luxury auction platform who is internationally known and has a special focus on ultra-luxury and unique properties, which tend to be best suited for its luxury auction℠ platform.

A great recent example:

Is the multi-million dollar home in Escondido that sold on the auction block and set a record for the most expensive home ever to be sold in Escondido. 

The recent Escondido auction: Obtained the highest-priced residential sale ($5.5 Million) in the entirety of Escondido, CA within at least the most recent, 10-year period. Prior to this sale, the highest sale in Escondido within the most recent, 10-year period was $2.8 million. And, only 9 properties sold above $2 million during that 10-year period.

The house in the hills above Escondido has several unique features, including the world’s longest residential swimming pool. This private and luxurious residence was built in 1995. The home has 23,787 square feet of living space that includes 8 bedrooms, 9 full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms. One of the home’s highlights is the state-of-the-art gymnasium and a large garage that is able to accommodate over 20 cars. The master bedroom includes multiple rooms of its own as well as spa-like amenities (By Jeff Zevely, Reporter).

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