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Why Life After Pro Sports Is Hard

I played professional basketball overseas and it was one of the best times of my life. The transition after retirement was not too hard for me but I know others who had a difficult time. Some retire by choice and some it was due to injury. Regardless it ends for each and every one of us too early, so coming to terms with this is not always a smooth process.

Psychological  it may relate to a loss of identity, something that has defined us for so long over in a day, heap of hours spent on the gridiron or hardwood doesn’t help either. The stretching routing, icing and highs and lows of our season was a regular occurrence that is not easy to let go of. Every single moment we had was dedicated to this sport and we had to be at our tip top shape, so what now?

I was lucky because I had other passions: cars and real estate, so my competitive nature was simply transferred from one avenue, putting a ball in the hoop at a high level, to selling multimillion dollar homes. They aren’t really that far apart, both are done under high stress and expectation, every part of the game (or in the case of real estate, every part of the sale requires top performance.

So what are my tips for athletes to avoid the feeling of being lost and confused after their sports career ends? Below are some basic thoughts to help athletes start thinking about how to transition into a post athletic career.

  1. Prepare Early– Athletes have to realize that preparing for life after sports should really begin the minute that they start playing sports. Sports don’t last forever, so athletes must acknowledge this early on and be taught as soon as possible, to pursue other interests off the playing field. They should start by discovering what they’re most passionate about and research ways to potentially turn it into a career. Furthermore, they should try as many new things as they possibly can. Gaining knowledge and experience in different skills will help them tremendously in the long run.
  2. Rely On Relationships– Athletes should start leveraging their network while they are still playing sports. They shouldn’t wait until it’s over to reach out to people and make connections. They have to start talking to teachers, counselors, or anyone else that might be able to help them. Reaching out to family members and close friends to inquire about their career paths and why they choose to do what they do won’t hurt either. The more they develop and use their relationships, the greater these relationships will serve them during this transition process.
  3. Get Help From Others– Athletes should get help from external sources such as career coaches, business coaches or advisors to help them make the transition. Having someone who is unbiased and focused on them every step of the way can make this change a lot easier. After you leave college, many coaches, and administrators sadly won’t do much to help you. They are busy with current students and have many other obligations to worry about. Family members, even though they are great resources, may give you inaccurate information at times or persuade to do something you don’t necessarily feel is right for you. Find someone who fits your needs, and whose entire goal is to serve you to the best of their ability.

For athletes, making the transition to life after sports will never be easy, but by doing the little things listed above, it’ll definitely take some pressure off of their shoulders when going through it. The key is to take it one step at a time and be as patient as possible. Always remember, there is no such thing as an overnight success on the playing field, or off it.

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original article: huffpost.com


Los Angeles Charger Sign Their Draft Picks

A quick report from my LA side #LAVIPAgent. As you know I the Sports & Talent agent at the Beverly Hills office of Teles Properties when I am not in sunny San Diego. Happy to report that five out seven members of the Los Angeles Chargers’ 2017 draft class officially signed their contracts on Thursday as WR Mike Williams, G Forrest Lamp, CB Desmond King, OT Sam Tevi and DE Isaac Rochell put pen to paper. Each player inked a four-year deal.

Along with third-round pick Dan Feeney and fourth-round selection Rayshawn Jenkins, the entire draft class is expected to participate in the team’s rookie mini camp, which begins on Friday.

The 6-4, 218-pound Williams was the seventh overall selection out of Clemson, where he led the Tigers to a National Championship after catching 98 passes for 1,361 yards and 11 touchdowns.  Lamp is a second-round selection who was a four-year starter and two-time team captain at Western Kentucky.  Meanwhile, King is a fifth-round pick out of Iowa who won the 2015 Jim Thorpe Award as the top defensive back in college football.  Finally, Tevi is a 6-5, 311-pound tackle selected in the sixth-round, while Rochell is a Notre Dame product who was picked in the seventh.



“With The First Round Pick Of The NFL Draft The LA Chargers Select..”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during the NFL draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York, NY on Saturday, April 28, 2007.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during the NFL draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York, NY on Saturday, April 28, 2007.

The NFL Draft is a special time, its a time when young men’s lives change forever, they get that first big contract, relocate to a new city, often far from their family or college that fostered their development. They are in the big leagues now. As a sports relocation agent in the city of Angels, Los Angeles, I am happy to present some the newest additions to our city. Let’s take a look at who will be joining #BoltNation below!

1st Round – WR Mike Williams, Clemson

 He’s a tremendous playmaker and Philip Rivers will no doubt enjoy having a target that can go up and get the ball again. This is no surprise in that Williams had been rumored to be one of general manager Tom Telesco’s top targets in the draft.”

2nd Round – OG Forrest Lamp, Western Kentucky

 Lamp is an excellent football player and drafting him at 38 without having to trade up is a dream. The offensive line just got way, way better. This benefits the running and passing game. And it will force a lesser player out of the starting lineup.”

3rd Round – OG Dan Feeney, Indiana

Feeney is a stud OG. He moves really well from the guard position and is probably the best pass blocking OG in the draft. Feeney has only given up 2 sacks in college. Feeney had a second round grade from me, and many others.

The concern with Feeney is that he has a history with concussions, a problem that is known all too well to Chargers fans with offensive linemen.”

4th Round – S Rayshawn Jenkins, Miami

A 4.51 second 40 yard dash in above-average for a Safety, but Rayshawn Jenkins’ 37″ vertical and 10’6″ broad jump tells you he’s an explosive athlete. If you watched the Senior Bowl practices, Jenkins was the guy in the fist fight. So, there’s that….”

5th Round – DB Desmond King, Iowa

King is thought of as a smart player with great size and strength, but he was available in the 5th Round because he’s not very athletic and he lacks the speed to keep up with fast WRs downfield. That could make him perfect for a slot CB role in Gus Bradley’s defense.”

6th Round – OT Sam Tevi, Utah

He has a lot to learn at the offensive tackle position, but should be afforded the opportunity either on the roster or the practice squad. He showed enough with only two years at the position to be drafted over many guys who have played the spot most of their life, which is saying something. Reading a few write-ups on him, he has issues getting too upright and lunging which are things you can’t live with if he plans on lasting in the NFL.”

7th Round – DE Isaac Rochell, Notre Dame

After looking over a few breakdowns on this kid he seems like a high-character guy and was a captain his senior year at Notre Dame. Known for his dependability and durability, he played in over 83% of the defensive snaps over the last three seasons. Considering how big of a concern injuries have been for Charger fans, that will be a breath of fresh air.”

Chargers sign 15 Undrafted Free Agents

On Defense we have CB Michael Davis from BYU has great size and speed at 6’2, 200lbs and ran a 4.40 at his pro day. He only had 2.5 career INT, however he had close to 20 PBU. LB James Onwualu from Notre Dame was a team captain and very productive in his Senior year netting 11.5 TFL, 2 Sacks, 5 PBU, 3 FF, and 77 Total Tackles, Ian Rapoport tweeted that he received a lot of interest when the draft closed but the Chargers won the race to sign him. Wake Forest CB Brad Watson is interesting, he is 6’0 188, and only had a 4.65 40 yard dash at his pro day, but over the last 2 seasons he has 4 INT and 22 PBU.

On Offense, RB Austin Ekeler went to a small DII school in Colorado, and measures in at only 5’8 and 195 lbs, but ran for just shy of 6k yards in 4 years. He also ran a 4.43 and had a 40.5″ vert at his pro day. WR Artavis Scott is 1st round pick Mike Williams’ teammate and could fight for a PS spot. WR/RB/KR Dontre Wilson split time between RB and WR while also being a big contributor returning kicks. He is a versatile weapon that could find a spot.”

So, there you have it. No trades, and a heavy focus on offense (specifically along the line) from GM Tom Telesco. What grade would you give the Chargers on their 2017 class of rookies?

Original Source: Boltfromtheblue.com


Millenials vs Boomers: How Do They Buy Properties

#SDVIPAgent Rod Watson here to talk about my experience with the generation divide I’ve personally witness when selling homes for millennial buyers vs Boomers.

The Challenge
There exists a large divide in the current real estate market due to the large percentage of properties being sold by baby boomers, older generations, and their offspring. A lot of these homes are not appealing to the social media influenced millennial demographic who are more apt to be impressed by the latest gadgets and toys. In contrasts, many boomers don’t have the knowledge or time to make the necessary upgrades to the short attention span millennial and this comes at a cost to these owners.

The Millenial Buyer

Millenials are unlike anyone you have ever seen, they want instant gratification and instant results personified in their desire for “move in ready” features including the following:
Open Floor Plans: Specifically the family room and kitchen area. They want to be able to use their space efficiently.
Home Office or Media Room: Millenials want a space that can be used for work and entertainment. A well lit open kitchen with well finished stainless steel appliances, cabinets, solid surface, countertops should do. Walls should have color schemes with subtle whites and greys with with furniture having that splash of color. Hardwood floors are a must and carpets in the bathrooms are a no no. Storage space and pantries are also popular for the action sports enthusiast or luxury car owner.

Barriers For Boomers.
The majority of boomers do not have the needed experience or time to prepare their home to be sold. Key issues to sale of their home usually include:
Identifying repairs and getting the home to meet code. Millenials hate when they see a home they love only to find out violations have been flagged during inspection time.
Improper analysis of the property may also be an issue: Not determining the proper budget to fix the issues that need fixing before sale can be a catastrophe that causes more time to be lost and of course the loss of an excited young buyer.
Assessing which features will impress the young buyer and what curb appeal best presents the home in the best light is a must.

The Millenial Movement Is Not Going Anywhere

According to data presented at the National Association of Home Builders’ annual conference, millennials now account for 36 percent of U.S. home purchases, compared to 34 percent of baby boomers. Millenials are demonstrating a desire for larger homes and more bedrooms, a calling card for a luxury home seller. 48% of them say they want a home with four or more bedrooms in contrast to only 20% of baby boomers who want a large home. The ideal home millennials want is 2,375 square feet compared to just 1,879 for baby boomers.

As this new generation continues to demonstrate their unique needs as agents we must be prepared. If you are no making these considerations already, do it and don’t get left behind.

Sources: “Cater to Boomers or Millennials? Homebuilders Caught in Between,” The Dallas Morning News (Jan. 21, 2016)
Epilawg.Com. ERIC HOPF / AUGUST 4, 2016


Why Luxury Real Estate May Still Boom In 2017

#SDVIPAgent, Rod Watson here to tell you why Luxury Real Estate may Still boom in 2017.

Main Points

  • Luxury Real Estate is on the move this year.
  • New types of buyers and rules are revitalizing the luxury sector.
  • Growth was predicted to shape the affluent luxury market back in 2016

Luxury real estate agents should be excited about 2017- they have several reasons to be optimistic about their area of expertise.

This year has and will continue to bring its share of exciting developments, innovative design, progressive trends and brand new technology to the high-end real estate market.

In upscale industry there is no time to relax. Here are 4 reasons why it should boom.

1. New mortgages

Financing will be easier for buyers when they want to finance their purchases in 2017.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will provide backing for larger mortgages for the first time in more than 10 years.

2. The Foreign Buyer

International buyers are key as they still desire the coveted luxury property on US soil. They are broadening their horizons and are willing to spend.

Foreign purchasers continue to seek out luxury real estate in major American centers. Yet they are also showing interest in high-end homes in other metropolitan regions across the nation.

International buyers are going far beyond their own borders to find safe investments. Like any homebuyer, they look for affordable prices and the best return, including long-term growth opportunities.

Foreign purchasers crave the luxurious lifestyle and ultimate security that come with a high-end home in an affluent neighborhood.

This wealthy group is not expected to lose interest in U.S. luxury real estate anytime in the foreseeable future. Both Europe and the U.S. will continue to attract increasing amounts of foreign capital, especially from Asian buyers.

3. Historical Growth

As the year progresses, the high-luxury market should see more affordable prices.

Remember steady growth is good. This scenario does follow frequently behind times of high asking price and decreasing absorption numbers.

4. Post-elections

Despite the worry from the recent election things are returning to a more leisurely pace.

The post election period is a time of restoration for the campaign stress.

Toward the end of 2016, there was a spike in contracts for New York City real estate valued at more than $4 million. According to the weekly Olshan Luxury Market Report, the last week of November recorded a $371.6 million year-high for contracts in the Big Apple.

The Olshan Report for the first week of January showed 26 contracts of $4 million or higher were signed during that period in New York City.

This data makes January 2 through 8, 2017, the best first week of a new year in three years for ultra-luxury residential properties in New York City. In addition, more development is expected in the lower end of the luxury market.

In Miami, as expected, waterfront real estate enjoys consistent popularity, but non-beachside mansions are now also glimmering in the eye of the affluent/luxury buyer.


Puppies Predict the 2017 Final Four Championship

#SDVIPAgent here to share something quite fun: Puppies predicting the 2017 Final Four. Pets are certainly a consideration when it comes to choosing a home and I am happy to say I have happily matched many pets and their owners with their dream homes many times in my long career.  Without further ado, enjoy the cuteness below.

new enmew

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Check Out My Review of San Diego’s Sports Legends

#SDVIPAgent here to talk about a fun topic on one of my favorite cities in the world San Diego! As you know I played professional basketball in Brasil and in that time I made great friends in different sports, soccer, baseball, some of the most international sports out there. I wanted to show you some of my all time San Diego sports legends regardless of era. Check out the list below and be sure to comment on who your favorites is!


Charlie and Art Powell

Art Powell

The brothers starred in multiple sports during the 1950s at San Diego High. Charlie, who still holds the school’s shot put record, played pro football for the 49ers, minor league baseball and at one time was the fourth-ranked heavyweight boxer in the world (he fought and lost to Muhammad Ali). Art was a terrific wide receiver for the Raiders, making the All-Time AFL team. Younger brother Jerry, a versatile quarterback, was CIF Player of the Year at Lincoln High. Now there’s an athletic family.

Marcus Allen.

Marcus Allen

It’s easy to remember him as the greatest football player this area has produced, but Allen did more than one thing at Lincoln. I saw him score 49 points in the Summer League basketball final at Peterson Gym. He also pitched on the Hornets’ baseball team and could high jump. Just a natural, brilliant athlete.

Harold “Brick” Muller.


A brilliant, All-America player on Cal’s famous wonder teams of the early 1920s. When putting together college football’s first all-century team for Sports Illustrated, Dan Jenkins, the best sportswriter who ever lived, included split end Muller. Brick was the state high jump champion for San Diego High and took the silver medal in the event at the 1920 Antwerp Olympics.

Gail Devers.

Gail devers

Gail is my exception, because we’re talking track and field exclusively here. But she started running cross country as a freshman at Sweetwater High, then ran the 800 as a sophomore, winning the county title, before moving on to the sprints, long jump and hurdles, eventually winning two Olympic 100-meter sprint gold medals. If Ted Williams were like Babe Ruth and could pitch, too, he might have made the list.

Deron Johnson.


Playing for the Cincinnati Reds, he led the National League with 130 RBI in 1965 and once hit a home run in four straight plate appearances. He was an All-America football player at San Diego High, a member of the Cavers’ 1955 mythical national championship team.

Reggie Bush.

Reggie bush

If not our greatest high school running back while playing for Helix, close. Won the Heisman at USC; should have won it twice. He also was one of the better sprinters in section history, reaching the state meet finals in the 100 meters.

Tom Nettles.

Tom nettles

The Hoover High product quite possibly ranks as our greatest all-around athlete. As a receiver at San Diego State in 1968, he caught 11 passes for a then-NCAA record 363 yards against Southern Mississippi. He was drafted by the Chiefs, played in Canada. He played golf in the U.S. Open. While at City College he threw the javelin and played basketball against UCLA’s famed 1965-66 freshman team, featuring Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar). Oh, and he’s one of the greatest over-the-line players, ever. His cousin, Graig Nettles of baseball fame, also was an outstanding high school guard at San Diego.

Alan Trammell.

allen trammell

Every year I get a Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, and every year I put a check by Trammell’s name, and not because I covered him in high school. He was a brilliant shortstop with the Tigers, one of the best of my lifetime. What you may not know is that, while at Kearny High, he probably was a better basketball player. All CIF. Really good.

Albert “Pesky” Sprott.

Albert “Pesky” Sprott.

He was one of four San Diego High products (see Muller) who played on those Cal Wonder Teams. The great running back scored seven touchdowns in 1918 against Stanford and had two scores in the Bears’ 28-0 win over Ohio State in the 1921 Rose Bowl. Like Muller, he competed in to the Antwerp Olympics, finishing fifth in the 800-meter run.

Oh ofcourse I’ve got some special mentions below as well!

Chase Budinger

chase budinger

Now playing for the Houston Rockets, was our only three-time basketball Player of the Year while at La Costa Canyon High. And he was one of the top junior volleyball players in the world.

Ezell Singleton

ezell singleton

Still the greatest high school quarterback this county has seen, was a three sport-star at San Diego, a baseball bonus baby.

Brian Sipe (Grossmont High)

Bryan sipe

Was an NFL MVP quarterback with the Browns and was the youngest player on the 1961 Little League World Series champion from El Cajon.

Candice Wiggins (La Jolla Country Day)

Tim Clayton

Was an All-America basketball player at Stanford and a volleyball star. She now plays for the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx.

Cotton Warburton (San Diego)


Was a star football player at USC and the 1929 state meet 440-yard dash champion (he also won an Oscar for editing “Mary Poppins”).

There’s Amby Schindler, Art Preston, Gavy Cravath, Wally Henry, Lee Ramage, Dave Freeman, George Brown, Ralph Smith, Bud Muehleisen, Presnell Gilbert, Ed Goddard and many more.

original article from san diego tribune.



Professional Athletes Who Became Entrepreneurs

#LAVIPAgent to talk about some famous athletes who turned into some tremendous businessmen and businesswomen after their careers (some during!). As you know I played professional basketball overseas in my hayday but now I spend my full time devoted to my other passion, Luxury Real Estate. I think a little known fact is how business savvy some of these legendary players are. Often professional athletes are earning a lot of money and building wealth during their careers so it is only natural they invest it in business after. So without further ado, here are some great stories of athletes turned entrepreneur!

Michael Jordan

Michael Suit

Arguably the best basketball player known to the game, Michael Jordan changed the way basketball is viewed. He played for the Chicago Bulls and later for the Washington Wizards, totaling more than $90 million in earnings as a player salary.

Venus Williams


This tennis ace couldn’t wait for retirement to start her own company, and the seven-time Grand Slam singles champ now has an equally impressive business résumé as she does an athletic one.

She is the founder and CEO of the clothing line, EleVen, and interior design company, V Starr Interiors. She told Forbes magazine, “I think as an athlete you’re always overcoming all kinds of challenges. That’s the name of sport — it’s a challenge. So definitely applying those lessons of perseverance and learning from mistakes and setting goals has definitely helped me in business.”

Roger Stauback

Roger Staubach
The Hall of Fame quarterback who led the Dallas Cowboys to two Super Bowl victories turned to real estate after retiring his football helmet and pads. He worked for real estate titan Henry Miller Jr. for six years before building his own commercial real estate firm, The Staubach Company. The firm began with five employees, expanded exponentially under Staubach’s leadership, and eventually sold for $613 million in 2008.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk
It’s easy to take for granted the fact Tony Hawk’s name is synonymous with skateboarding, but his ascension to superstardom comes on the back of some terrific business instincts. In 2009 Hawk was the highest-paid action sports athlete on the planet at $12 million, selling his name on everything from shoes to bicycles, clothes, a best selling autobiography and of course, skateboards. His video game series has amassed over a billion dollars since their inception in 1999, and while his peers lived the rockstar lifestyle partying in Southern California, Hawk enjoyed the best of both worlds.

John Elway

Wayne Gretzky
The legendary Denver Broncos quarterback, and two-time Super Bowl champion, made a splash in the world of business after hanging up his blue and orange No. 7 jersey. Since retiring, he has been involved in several business ventures, most notably owning two “Elway’s” steakhouses, five auto dealerships, and an Arena Football League team, the Colorado Crush.

George Foreman

george forman
The boxer made a name for himself in the 1968 Olympic games when he knocked out Jonas Čepulis to secure a gold medal. He started his business career several years before retiring, when he introduced theGeorge Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine in 1994. He went on to launch a variety of products, including environmentally friendly cleaning products and a clothing line.

Maria Sharapova

The five-time Grand Slam champion and current No. 2 player in the world finds time off the tennis court to take on the world of business. She founded the premium candy line, Sugarpova, in 2013, and saw great success in the first year, selling over two million bags of candy.

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky

The hockey legend traded in his career on ice for a career in business. He told the Financial Post, “You can’t just retire at the age 40 years old and play golf every day. I tried it for one year and you quickly find out it’s nice to be active.”

The all-time leading goal scorer in the NHL chose to be active in the business world, and is now involved in several business ventures, including the “Wayne Gretzky’s” restaurant in Toronto, and Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery.

Magic Johnson

Magic johnson

One of the most popular and talented basketball players in NBA history, Earvin “Magic” Johnson is the consummate entrepreneur. After retiring from professional basketball following 13 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, Johnson quickly began building a business empire all his own, founding Magic Johnson Enterprises. His eponymous company is now a conglomerate, with a varied portfolio of business holdings, including movie theaters and restaurant chains. MJE also focuses on uplifting the neighborhoods in which it enters, offering programs and services aimed at empowering the local residents who live and work there.

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Baller Neighborhoods: Where Do Your Favorite Sports Stars Live?

Hey everyone you may have heard of me being called not just #SDVIPAgent but also #LAVIPAgent . With my primary focus being Sports & Entertainment, I couldn’t have chosen a better city as Los Angeles, the City of Angels. The luxury real estate industry is booming and its truly an exciting time for everyone even professional athletes. These VIP clientele tend to live in certain areas due to the amenities provided including, a beach view, privacy for themselves and their family and more. I have had the distinct pleasure of representing several NBA players and from my playing career created friendships with some of your favorite stars. From this experience I know exactly what these unique individuals desire in their homes and what neighborhoods they love to reside.

So below are the top areas where you might just spot your favorite ballers. Enjoy.



Hermosa beach

Last year, Kings center Jeff Carter paid $5.25 million for a home in Hermosa Beach, near the team’s practice facility in El Segundo. Fellow teammates, including team captain Dustin Brownand goalie Jonathan Quick, followed suit, each buying homes in Manhattan Beach.


Manhattan beach

Diana Taurasi, the former Connecticut Huskies basketball star who currently plays for the Phoenix Mercury, became a resident of L.A.’s beach cities in June, buying a Manhattan Beach townhouse for $3.3 million. Former Stanford guard Landry Fields, currently with the Toronto Raptors, paid about $2 million for property in the area in July.



This neighborhood is not just reserved for the likes of the Kardashians. Keyshawn Johnson‘s former estate, which the retired NFL star sold to Kourtney Kardashian in February, occupies nearly two acres in the exclusive Estates at the Oaks enclave. Former NBA all-star Mitch Richmond, who lives nearby, is seeking $8.495 million for his 2.23-acre property.

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San Diego’s Top Golf Communities

#SDVIPAgent Rod Watson back to show you some of the top golf communities available to live right here in Sunny San Diego. In luxury real estate we don’t just sell a home, we are selling a lifestyle. Each client is entitled to having the best that their community has to offer and a spectacular golf course is certainly top of the list. Check out the following of the top areas to live in San Diego and their amazing golf communities.

1. Pauma Valley C.C., Pauma Valley

This golf community offers a magnificent golf course, 24-hr gate-guarded entrance, clubhouse, tennis courts, a swimming pool and a long private airstrip. Resale condos begin from the low $400s while single family homes start from $575,000.

2. Aviara Golf Club, No. San Diego County

The golf community boasts of a very picturesque resort, the Arnold Palmer Signature golf course and proximity to the Pacific Ocean beaches. The resort’s master planned housing area consists of executive homes and custom homes. Also available are numerous villas that skirt the golf course.

3. Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe, Rancho Santa Fe

Bridges Ranch
This golf community is known for its award-winning villas that are available on the resale market from time to time. Custom-appointed homes begin from the mid $2 millions. Custom estate homesites and estate-sized homes are also available.

4. The Crosby Estate, Rancho Santa Fe

Crosby Estate
The Crosby Estate is home to the Crosby National Golf Club and beautiful homes with breathtaking views that include semi-custom homes, golf villas, and custom homesites. Also available are a clubhouse, a swim and athletic club, tennis garden, etc.

5. Encinitas Ranch, Encinitas

Encinitas Ranch
The Encinitas Ranch Golf Course offers 18 championship holes amidst a stunning natural scenario. Elegant executive homes line the golf course and are available from $895,000.

6. Golf Club of California, Fallbrook

Golf course of Cali Fallbrook
This private golf club offers an 18-hole championship golf course, a charming clubhouse, a business center and more. Homes start from $895,000 and most of them offer wonderful views.

7. Maderas C.C., Poway


This Poway golf community offers a magnificent location, a top ranking 18-hole golf course and several custom homes that are available from 1,175,000.

8. Pala Mesa Resort, Fallbrook

Pala Mesa
The resort community offers a beautiful 4-star rating golf course, tennis club, swimming pool and a host of other amenities. Condos around the golf course start at $279,000 and other homes in the area begin at $650,000.

9. Santaluz, No. San Diego County

This is a private club with a championship golf course. Homes include single story homes of the Santa Barbara styled casitas and large custom homes. There are plenty of custom homesites too.

10. Village of Rancho Santa Fe

Village of Ranch Santa Fe
“The Village” of Rancho Santa Fe offers several championship golf courses and other amenities such as tennis courts, a riding club, etc. Homes in this area consist of custom homes, luxurious ranches and large estate homes.

*Originally from streetdirectory.com

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